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EasyGap shows you the odds of any stock's morning gap being filled within 1 or 5 days. Updated in real time using A.I. infused algorithms.

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The EasyGap Web Application

Some of EasyGap's features

EasyGap tells you more about any stocks' daily gap probabilities than any tool out there. Use it every day to increase your odds of success.

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Realtime analytics

Statistics for every stock are updated every day right at market open. Know your odds right when the morning bell rings.

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The screener provides brand new ideas everyday about which stocks are having the highest probability of gap fills. Follow them.

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Most Popular Today and All Time

Follow the most popular stocks that EasyGap users are watching today, or get ideas from the Top 100 most popular of All Time.

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Wall Street Bets

Get immediate trading ideas by seeing which stocks are the most popular, fastest trending or most upvoted on Reddits's WSB.

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What Day of the Week?

Know which day of the week any stock is most likely to fill their gap. Use this to monitor when you should trade that stock.

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Gap Size Statistics

Know how often certain gap sizes appear for any stock and see the likelihood that those gaps fill. Knowledge is power.

The EasyGap Stock Chart
The EasyGap Probability Panel

Know the odds of every stock's gap fill right at market open

Search or select any stock and see what the probabilities are of that gap backfilling by day's end or within the next 5 days.

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Gap Types Matter

Every day each stock has its own unique gap "type", and statistically each one behaves differently for each stock.

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Each Stock is Unique

You won't find daily gap analysis on a "per-stock" basis anywhere else. Statistical gap analysis barely exists, and only on a large sample size, not at the granular level.

When should I fade the gap on this particular stock?

Know when the conditions are right to fade the gap. 1) Is it the right day? 2) Is it the right gap size? 3) Is it the right gap type? 4) Is it the right direction? When all of these align you are set to have the highest odds of winning that gap fade trade.

Here are some sample statistics to ensure a successful trade.

Prevalence of a stock gapping up
A stock closes its gap on a Tuesday (or whatever today is)
A stock fills a gap size of 3-4%
Odds of gap filling by the end of today's market.
EasyGap Day of the Week Indicator
The EasyGap Odds Panel based on Gap Size

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EasyGap's Screener
Finds the Best Odds

The Screener takes every stock in the EasyGap database and ranks them according to their probability of fill and more. Apply your own parameters.
All data is updated daily.

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The EasyGap Screener Window

Find Best Performing Gaps Based on Direction

The EasyGap Screener based on Gap Direction

Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into our frequently asked questions to better understand the intricacies of stock gap backfilling and how our web app empowers you to make informed trading decisions.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, EasyGap is completely FREE. All you need to do is click on the Log In Now button and sign in. That's all. Refer to it everyday.

How do you calculate the statistical odds for gap backfilling?

Our algorithm takes into account historical stock price data, volume, market sentiment, and other relevant factors to provide an estimate of the likelihood that a particular stock's gap will backfill on any given day, or within a period of 5 days.

Is there a limit to the number of stocks I can analyze in a day?

There currently is no limit to how many stocks you can peruse throughout the day. Simply use the Search bar for stocks that EasyGap has access to, or scroll through the lists of popular stocks that EasyGap users are focusing on.

How to people typically fade the gap?

Every trade has their own methodologies for how they want to trade a daily gap. EasyGap provides the accurate probabilities of the likelihood that their trade will work, but it is not a trading system. However, traders tend to either short or go long the stock until the gap is filled, or they use it to trade 0-5 DTE stock options in the direction of the fade.

What is a stock's daily gap backfilling, and why is it significant?

A stock's daily gap backfilling refers to the phenomenon where a stock price tends to move to fill a price range that was missed due to a gap up or down at the market open. This is one of the most common and easy methods to trade at the market open.

How often is the data updated?

The data is updated daily after the market closes, ensuring that our users always have access to the most recent statistical odds for their stock analysis.

Is there a way to compare several stocks at once?

We are currently working on a variety of features to help make this possible.

Are futures and stock options available?

We are looking at how to incorporate Futures and other instruments into EasyGap's algorithms. Since EasyGap is just a free application, getting that data into EasyGap could be expensive and we will look at how we can do that.